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Best And Worst States For Auto Theft Recovery

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Thanks to a recent report from car insurance giant Progressive we know what are the best and also the worst states for vehicle recovery.

Even though the average recovery rate for a vehicle in the United States is around 50% the statistics vary from state-to-state so it’s always best to know what the statistics say when traveling to another state.

Statistical Break Down

Washington – Another great reason to travel to Washington is that they scored the highest with a 71% vehicle return rate.

Utah – 63%

South Dakota – 61%

Nevada – 61%

California – 60%

Pennsylvania – 26%

Arkansas – 28%

Alabama – 28%

Mississippi – 29%

What’s most shocking of all about these statistics is that the state of Michigan scored the lowest with a vehicle recovery rate of only 19%.

Simple Prevention Pays Off

Anyone can prevent car theft by following a few simple tips including: covering up valuables inside your vehicle if you need to leave them in the car, purchasing a vehicle theft detection system, parking in a garage or well-lit area at night, always locking your vehicle when you’re away and most important of all, never let someone you don’t trust drive your vehicle.

Most Commonly Stolen Vehicle

An interesting aspect of this study to mention is that Progressive found that one of the most commonly stolen vehicles in the United States is Ford’s F-250 Super Duty truck, a common sight on the roads of Central Oregon.

If you happen to own one of these trucks and want to insure that you keep it safe, you can easily keep it protected by following the simple tips in this article or you can increase the insurance on your truck by calling the Farnsworth Agency today at (541) 318-8835 or clicking here for a free car insurance quote.

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