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Winter Driving Is Here – Learn How To Drive Safely This Winter With These Tips

Winter driving conditions are officially here in Central Oregon and with more snow expected in the coming months, it’s important that every single driver on the roads of Bend, Redmond, Prineville and the surrounding area is prepared to drive safely by following these simple tips.

 Always Be Prepared For Winter

Before it starts snowing again it’s important for drivers in Central Oregon to be prepared by either installing snow tires on their vehicle or purchasing chains so they can ensure their safety, especially when driving under heavy snow conditions.

It’s Cool To Drive Slow

We all love driving fast and going places in our vehicles but, during the winter, any driver who has Bend Oregon Car Insurance should focus on driving slower than at other times during the year.

It doesn’t matter if a driver has antilock breaks on their vehicle when a car or truck that has Central Oregon Car Insurance is going too fast, their vehicle will go off the road anyway regardless of how sophisticated their vehicles braking system is.

Always Scan Ahead

Part of driving safe during the winter is for a driver to always scan the road ahead and look for obstacles that could potentially present a problem like tree branches, animals, rocks or other types of debris. This step is important because, always scanning the road ahead will enable a driver, who has Oregon Car Insurance to slow down, swerve or prepare to stop instead of hitting the obstacle on the road.

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