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What’s The Real Reason You Are Paying More for Central Oregon Car Insurance?

The Real Reason Your Car Insurance Is Expensive Might Shock You. You Might Want To Sit Down….

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By Ty Farnsworth

Many drivers are overpaying for their Central Oregon Car Insurance and there’s not much they can do about it.

Thanks to a recent report by we known that the average car insurance company in Central Oregon and across the United States is charging more for Central Oregon Car Insurance because of a drivers credit score.

65% Variation In Premium Cost?

The statistics show us that drivers with no credit to poor credit are paying up to 65% more for their car insurance compared to drivers who don’t have any car insurance at all.

Is Your Credit Score A Factor?

What’s even more shocking is that some car insurance agencies were found to charge up to 116% more for their car insurance premiums because a driver had poor to no credit.

This is even more of a reason for drivers to shop around for car insurance instead of signing up with the first company that offers them a rate quote.

Credit Score Trend Declining In Some States

In today’s world it’s not uncommon for some people to have bad credit and states like Hawaii, California and Massachusetts have passed laws that prohibit car insurance companies from giving potential customers rate quotes where their credit score was a major factor in the quote.

Location Matters When It Comes To Car Insurance

Another alarming trend that the survey spotlights is the importance of location when it comes to insurance premiums.

Across the United States the premium that you pay does vary based on where you live. For example: drivers in Washington, D.C. are paying as much as 126% more for their car insurance premiums and the same example can be found in other cities across the United States like Detroit where car insurance is almost unaffordable.

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