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What Should I have In My Car During Winter? Get The Answers Here

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It’s snowing in Central Oregon and even though the snow that we get in Bend, Redmond, Prineville or Sisters isn’t the equivalent of the snow our neighbors to the north might see during this time of year, it’s still enough that every driver in this area, who has Central Oregon car insurance, should be prepared for before they go anywhere.

What To Have In Your Vehicle

No matter if you a have a car or truck, you should always have an emergency kit with you in your vehicle during the winter, especially if you plan on driving to Portland, and will be driving over Mount Hood.

Essential Items:

  • Water – You should have at least one gallon of water in your vehicle at all times; just be sure to change this water every three months because, it won’t stay fresh.
  • Clothing – Make sure you choose clothing that it waterproof and warm at the same time. For example: choose a fleece sweater, thick pants and waterproof jacket plus an extra pair of gloves, winter cap and scarf.
  • Jumper cables – These are essential especially if you come out to your vehicle on a cold day or night and find that your battery is dead. With jumper cables you can always get your battery charged from someone and be on your way.
  • First aid kit – For best success with a first aid kit it’s always good to buy one from stores like Wal-Mart because, they come with everything that you need.
  • Blankets – The essential part of a winter vehicle kit are blankets, you should always bring at least two blankets so you can have one for yourself and a blanket for a passenger if needed.

Drive Smarter, Not Harder

During the winter it’s always best to use your head and drive smarter regardless if you have the best snow tires on your vehicle or not.

Make sure to plan your journey in advance and let your friend or relatives know where you’re going just in case you don’t show up, at least they will know the direction you were driving in.

For more tips on how you can stay safe during the winter or to get an affordable insurance quote from Bend Oregon insurance agent Tye Farnsworth, contact us today by calling (541) 318-8835.

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