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More Ways To Save Money On Central Oregon Car Insurance

Oregon Car Insurance

Does your Central Oregon Car Insurance company offer you “discounts galore”?

The next time you speak with your car insurance agent, or are planning on searching for car insurance quotes, makes sure that you ask if they offer the following discounts:

New Car Discount

If you’re purchasing a new car you may qualify for a new car discount for your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy because, owning a new car that’s never been titled means that it’s not been involved in any accidents or collisions that might be responsible for the vehicle performing poorly or causing future accidents.

Anti-Lock Brake Discount

Before you purchase a new or used vehicle make sure that you ask if the vehicle has anti-lock brakes because, factory-installed anti-lock brakes (ABS) will keep you safer on the roads and qualify you for a discount to your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy.

55 & Retired Discount

Are you age 55, or older, and retired? If so, you may qualify for another discount because, car insurance companies calculate that older, retired, drivers are the safest on the roads and may also drive fewer miles per year than younger drivers.

More Ways To Save

Besides the car insurance discounts mentioned in this post you can also save money on car insurance by bundling your car insurance policy with your other insurance policies, driving fewer miles per year, investing in a car alarm or vehicle protection system, taking a defensive driving course and maintaining good credit.

There are many ways to save money on Central Oregon Car insurance and your actual savings can amount to hundreds of dollars per year or more.

To find out how much money you can be saving on car insurance contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling us at (541) 318-8835 or click here to start your online quote. 

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