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Vehicle Maintenance Tips – How To Eliminate Vehicle Odors

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Maintaining Oregon Car Insurance is easy but one of the hardest parts of living in Central Oregon especially during the winter is keeping a car or truck clean since there are plenty of things to get a vehicle dirty and a vehicle can develop odors if it’s not kept clean during the cold winter months. 

If you’ve been struggling with keeping your car or truck smelling good during the winter, this post will provide you with simple tips that you can use to remove vehicle odor without having to spend a lot of time or money.

Wash Your Vehicle

The first step to eliminating odors from your vehicle during the winter is to take your vehicle through the car wash; this step will help to insure that there’s nothing on the outside of your vehicle that’s causing it to smell bad.

After you take your vehicle through the car wash you should vacuum it out, empty it’s trash container and search for any trash that might be stuck inside seat pockets, under seats or underneath floor mats.

Even though searching for garbage inside a vehicle might seem like an easy thing to do, many people neglect this step and drive for weeks, wondering what the strange smell is that’s coming from the back of their car or inside their truck.

Clean Those Car Seats

Parents who have small children will know that sometimes little children have accidents in their car seats and those car seats will need to be cleaned; if you haven’t taken out your children’s car seats in a while you should remove them and wash their car seat covers to eliminate the possibility that the mysterious smell could be coming from a dirty car seat.

If you still continue to smell a foul odor inside your vehicle you can eliminate it by using a mixture of vinegar and water.

Although these tips are simple, they are effective and can help to prolong the life of your vehicle and ultimately lower your Oregon Car Insurance premium.

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