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How To Keep Your Vehicle Maintained During A Central Oregon Winter

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It’s still winter in Central Oregon, how is your vehicle doing?

With the 2013 Central Oregon Winter still in full swing, many people who live in cities like Bend, Prineville or Redmond Oregon, and have Central Oregon Car Insurance, are finding that the harsh winter weather is taking it’s toll on their vehicles, and sadly, this doesn’t have to happen.

In this post were going to cover simple winter vehicle maintenance tips that anyone can do themselves or have completed by their Oregon Mechanic.

Check The Battery

The first step to taking the stress off of a vehicle is by checking it’s battery; if the vehicles battery has posts that have signs of corrosion on them or worse, the vehicles battery cables should be disconnected, the battery should be cleaned thoroughly and the posts battery’s posts should be checked plus scrubbed with a wire brush or battery post cleaner.

Use Winter Anti-Freeze

Although many people in this area who have Central Oregon Car Insurance might not like to change their anti-freeze more than once a year, it’s a necessary thing to do because, winter antifreeze is specifically designed for harsh winter conditions and it will help keep a car or trucks radiator running smoothly, especially during long drives up to Mt. Bachelor or over Mt. Hood.

Maintain Those Tires

During the winter, it’s important to rotate and balance a vehicles tires because, Central Oregon Residents will want to insure that their tires have the maximum amount of tread, especially on days when there is snow or ice on the ground.

The easy way to insure that a vehicles tires will always have the proper amount of tread is to have the tires rotated and balanced every 3,000 miles, after the vehicles oil change, and when the tires are being worked on, it’s important to make sure that the mechanic inspects the condition of the vehicles brakes as well.

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