oregon insurance laws

Understanding Oregon Insurance Laws

Oregon insurance laws can seem complicated to any driver but they are actually a lot simpler than they seem; the first form of insurance that drivers in Oregon are required to have is personal injury protection, this form of insurance protection will cover the driver up to the first $15,000 dollars of their bills, that result in injuries from an accident.

For those drivers who have over $15,000 worth of medical bills, their health insurance will cover the amount over $15K, if a driver doesn’t have medical insurance they will be required to pay for any additional bills or expenses out of pocket.

Lost Wages

Personal injury protection will also pay up to 70% of an injured drivers wages or up to $3,000 in one month, if the driver is out of work for more than fourteen days in a row. For those drivers who have medical bills and other costs that result from that car accident that result in over $15,000 dollars in damages, the driver will have the option of filing a claim against the other drivers auto insurance for their pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Claim Worth

It’s difficult to determine how much a personal injury claim is worth, a driver who wants to follow Oregon insurance laws will have to hire a Personal Injury Attorney to make sure that their best interests are represented in court. Once a lawsuit is filed, the other drivers attorney will be required to supply a copy of their insurance policy’s limits so that the driver who may have sustained over $15,000 in damages will be able to have the other drivers insurance cover those damages instead of having to pay for any additional costs out of their own pocket.

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