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UK Drivers Face Increases in Their Car Insurance Premiums If No Black Box Installed In 10 Years

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Drivers in the UK were thrown for a loop once again this week when it was announced that they will face stiff fines and increased car insurance premiums in the next 10 years if they don’t drive vehicles that are fitted with “black box” technology that’s in heavy use already around the world.

Opt Out Vs. Opt In

Many websites like are reporting this week that UK drivers could find themselves in the position of having to opt out of having black box technology installed in their vehicles over the next 10 years rather than having to opt in to have the technology installed.

The consequence of opting out of having black box technology in your vehicle if you’re a driver in the UK will be higher car insurance premiums so it ultimately may be in the financial best interests of UK drivers to install black box technology in their vehicles if they want to save money on their car insurance premiums each year.

Future Consequences

Although drivers in the UK and U.S. may be able to opt out of having black box devices installed in their vehicles now, the future may not be so kind for drivers who decide to opt out of having such devices installed especially if they decline to have their data shared with other insurance companies when applying for new car insurance quotes.

As with not wanting to share their credit score now when applying for a car insurance quote, an insurer could think that something is wrong with the driver if they choose not to share their car driving data and that will ultimately lead to an increase in the quote that a driver receives.

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