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UK Car Insurance Ghost Broker Finally Busted

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Danyal Buckharee, one of the biggest car insurance “ghost brokers” was busted over the weekend by UK Police who had been tracking the scammer since 2011 when they realized that a bogus car insurance company had scammed over 500 UK drivers from their money after they had purchased fake car insurance policies over the phone and internet from a very clever scammer.

Finally Brought Down

Once they became aware of his activities it was only a matter of time until police brought down Danyal Buckharee, and not a moment too soon since many drivers in the UK realized too late that they had purchased fake car insurance policies, after they were stopped by police or were involved in auto accidents.

Buckharee earned £550,000 ($8 million+ USD) from his activities, and one of his primary ways to attract people was the internet, since he was able to raise the profile of his websites with pay-per-click advertising and although he raked in lots of cash from his car insurance scams, Mr. Buckharee blew his fortune on gambling in UK casinos.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Get Scammed

It’s easier than ever before to make sure that you’re buying Central Oregon Car Insurance from a reputable company simply by doing the following:

  • Do they have a Better Business Bureau Profile? If so, are they a member? Do they have any complaints? If so, when were the complaints resolved?
  • Does the company have a physical address? Can you visit their office?
  • When you call the Central Oregon Car Insurance company that you’re considering signing up with are you able to get through to a live person or a recording?
  • Do you have any friends or family members that has used the same Central Oregon Car Insurance company that you’re considering? If so, what is their feedback on this company?

If all fails, when it comes to choosing a car insurance company, you should “use your gut” and if you don’t feel right about choosing them you should spend your money with another car insurance company.

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