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Travel Insurance – Do You Need It?

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Thinking of going to Mexico or the Bahamas this winter to escape the snow in Central Oregon?

Before traveling abroad it’s important to invest in travel insurance because; this form of insurance protection will protect you against losses on your trip due to a medical emergency or the negligence of a 3rd party that might cause your personal possessions to be lost, damaged or destroyed.

Is Travel Insurance A Smart Investment?

Yes! Travel insurance is the best investment that you can make anywhere, not just if you’re just traveling abroad.

Travel insurance will also protect you financially if your trip is delayed due to a natural disaster and in many cases you will be protected financially if your pre-existing medical condition is the reason why you have to cancel your vacation at the last minute.

Questions To Ask

Before getting a travel insurance policy you should ask these questions:

  • Will my coverage protect me anywhere in the world?
  • Am I covered even if I have pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Does my life, homeowners or medical insurance policies cover me in case I have to cancel my trip or should I still by travel insurance?

Before investing in a travel insurance policy with any company, make sure that the company you sign with is financially stable and has a good reputation online as a reliable insurance provider.

Safe Travel Tips

Besides investing in travel insurance, you should also use your head when traveling anywhere and follow these simple tips:

  • Money – Always carry traveler’s checks and never take all of your money with you at one time.
  • Medication – Be sure to refill any prescriptions before traveling and make sure that there is a pharmacy at the destination where you are traveling just in case you need to get a new prescription.
  • Time – Give yourself plenty of time when traveling anywhere while on vacation; this tip is important and can prevent you from getting into an accident because; you were rushing from one destination to another.

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