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Traffic Gridlock – Where Are The Worse Places To Drive?

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When you think about one of the busiest places to drive what’s the city that comes to your mind?

Portland Oregon or Los Angles California?

How about Honolulu Hawaii?

That’s right; even though it may be paradise and one of the prettiest places to live on earth, Honolulu is also one of the most congested and drivers there spend up to 60 hours per year alone just sitting in traffic.

A National Problem

Drivers in Oregon cities like Bend, Prineville or Portland might gripe a little if they have to spend a few extra minutes per month to commute back and forth from home to work but thy should be thankful that they aren’t spending over 50 hours per year on the road.

The Honolulu traffic statistics is thanks to a recent study by Inrix, a company that provides data on traffic patterns from across the United States, their study also showed that there are plenty of other cities in the U.S. besides Honolulu that deal with traffic congestion including: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Austin.

Are Mobile Devices Helping Or Hurting The Problem?

Although it may be convenient to own mobile devices like iPhones or iPads in this day and age, many people who live in the cities mentioned in this article are also bringing their favorite gadgets on the road and using them during traffic gridlock, often to fatal results.

What’s the solution to this problem? Before getting into their vehicle, any driver in Oregon or across the United States should turn off their tablet computers, switch their mobile phones to hands free mode and make sure that all video screens are out of their view so they can focus on the road while driving.

It’s also important for Oregon drivers to make sure that they have an up to date car insurance policy that will cover them just in case they get into a Portland Car Accident or they get involved in a car accident while driving in a city like Honolulu.

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