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Toyota Recalls – More Vehicles Will Be Recalled In 2013

toyota recall 2013
More Toyota recalls are coming in 2013, is your vehicle on the list?

Oregon Residents love their Toyota’s and this is easy to see since especially if you spend time driving on Highway 5, Highway 97 or any of Oregon’s other roads but in spite of the popularity of Toyota in Oregon, their vehicles don’t come without flaws.

Toyota announced this week that it’s going to recall over one million of their vehicles due to mechanical problems like faulty airbags and windshield wipers; this news comes after Toyota announced that they had regained their title as the worlds best-selling maker of cars and trucks.

Which Vehicles Will Be Recalled?

As of January 30th 2012, Toyota is going to recall over 750,000 of its Corolla models that were built and sold between the years 2003-2004.

The automaker will also be recalling close to 300,000 of its Lexus IS, which were sold from 2006 until 2012.

Will This Recall Hurt Toyota’s Reputation?

It’s anyone’s guess if these recalls will tarnish Toyota’s reputation and cut into their bottom line, since the automaker is already struggling with taking some of the tarnish off their reputation, after a massive recall last October, when almost 7.5 million Toyota owners were mailed recall noticed because, their vehicles had a bad switch in one of their Toyota’s windows which could ultimately start a fire in the vehicle.

Should Consumers Continue Buying Toyota’s?

Yes, Oregon Residents should still continue buying Toyota’s, especially Toyota Camry’s but, before paying for a used Toyota or purchasing a new one every Oregon consumer should do there due diligence and thoroughly research the Toyota they are purchasing.

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