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Toyota Prius – The New Theft Repellant?

Do you love your Toyota Prius? Good news was released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau this week, which shows that car insurance, claims for Toyota Prius models are now at an all time low.

Why Do Car Thieves Avoid The Toyota Prius?

There is no clear answer as to why car thieves tend to avoid the Toyota Prius compared to other Toyota models like the Camry but according to the NICB report, law enforcement agencies are more likely to quickly find a stolen Prius and then take it back to the owner compared to other Toyota vehicles which are more likely to be stolen and then never seen again.

Toyota Prius Theft Statistics

As of November 2012, the theft rate for the Toyota Prius is just one for ever 78 Prius’s on the road.

What’s the National Insurance Crime Bureau report is that of the 1,062 Prius’s that were stolen, almost half of those vehicles were stolen in California followed by Florida, New York, Washington and Texas.

How To Protect Your Toyota Prius

If you’re concerned about keeping your Toyota Prius safe from car thieves, the first thing that you can do to keep it protected is to invest in full coverage Central Oregon Car Insurance, this will keep your vehicle protected from theft or car accidents where you might be at fault.

Other things that you can do to protect your Prius from theft are:

  • Park on a well lit street at night
  • Park in a parking structure or garage when you’re at home
  • Use a car alarm or vehicle protection system
  • Be aware of who is around your vehicle at all times and use your best instincts, especially when you’re parking in a new area

To learn more tips on how to protect your Toyota Prius from theft or get the best Bend Oregon car insurance rates, contact the Tye Farnsworth Allstate Insurance Agency today by calling (541) 318-8835.

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