Are Your Tires Ready for Central Oregon’s winter?

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Summer is officially over in Central Oregon, and fall is now here. With the cooler weather showing up every day it’s now more important than ever before for every driver to start thinking about the tires that they have on their vehicles because, owning the right tires in Central Oregon is something that can help to insure the safety of every driver.

What to Look For In Tires

As you know, we can expect snow in Central Oregon soon and although it doesn’t snow a lot during the winter, the snow does stay on the ground for long periods of time, that’s why it’s important to at the very least own an all-season tire because, these types of tires are specifically designed to withstand the harshest of weather and keep drivers safe on the roads of Central Oregon.

Simple Questions to Ask a Tire Dealer

When visiting a tire dealer in Central Oregon you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about the tires that you’re buying just so you can have the confidence that you’re purchasing the best tires for your vehicle. Here are some basic questions that you can ask:

  • Are the tires that I currently have the best type for my vehicle?
  • Can you give me three options for tires that best match my style of driving and budget?
  • What is the warranty that I get with these tires?
  • How often should I have my tires rotated and balanced?
  • Do these tires come with free rotation and balancing?
  • Will these tires give me enough traction when driving in the snow?

Get Your Chains Ready

Before winter is officially here it’s important to take the time to get your tire chains ready and winterize your vehicle by having your vehicles antifreeze and other fluids changed to insure that your car or truck is ready for the dramatic change in temperature that we can expect in Central Oregon in just a few weeks.

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