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Tips for Lowering Your Car Insurance

Are you searching for ways to lower your monthly car insurance payment? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will provide you with tips you can use for paying less money for car insurance on a monthly basis.

Tips for Lowering Your Car Insurance

How to Lower Your Car Insurance

  • Make sure you’re getting all the discounts for which you qualify

  • Don’t pay for more car insurance than you need

  • Consider a cheaper car next time

  • Get married!

Many factors, large and small, help auto insurance companies determine how much they charge for policies, beginning with the types of vehicles being insured. It should come as no surprise that insurers charge more to cover newer and more expensive vehicles because they obviously will be more expensive to repair or replace. Also, higher-performance vehicles typically tend to rate higher premiums, probably because their drivers (perhaps unjustly) are presumed to be higher accident risks.

So, for starters, driving an older, cheaper family sedan will save you insurance money compared with a newer luxury SUV or high-performance sports car. That key consideration might well enter into your next transportation purchase or lease, and your next new (or late-model used) vehicle will likely come with safety and antitheft features that earn you lower premiums.

Auto insurance rates also can be affected by where you live, since higher-crime areas bring more risk of theft or vandalism. And they are affected by age since more mature and experienced drivers are statistically lower accident risks than newer, younger ones. There’s nothing you can do about your age, but single folks can often save money (at least on insurance) by getting married. Married people are viewed as more responsible, and insurers usually offer discounts for couples and families insuring more than one vehicle…and perhaps their home and its contents…with them.

  • Annual mileage discount: For vehicles driven much fewer miles than average
  • Anti-theft discount: For vehicles equipped with one or more antitheft devices
  • Daytime running lights discount: For vehicles with DRLs that light whenever the engine is running (because they make a vehicle easier to see even at a distance in daylight)
  • Multi-car discount: For more than one private passenger vehicle at the same location
  • New-vehicle discount: For vehicles three years old or newer (less each year)
  • Passive restraint discount: Essentially all ‘84-models and newer private autos
  • Premier driver discount: For drivers with near-perfect claims and driving records
  • Vehicle storage discount: For vehicles that are stored and not driven

So, check with your insurance provider to learn which of these (and maybe other) discounts they may offer and for which you and your vehicle(s) qualify, then make sure the ones that do are being applied to your premiums. And you may well want to also invest some time in researching other providers to compare their rates and applicable for your vehicles.

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