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Tips for driving during the winter in Oregon

What are you doing this winter in Central Oregon? From getting ready for the holidays, planning for a winter vacation or enjoying excellent deals at any of the great stores in Bend or Redmond Oregon, Central Oregonians are busy, and the sad thing is that when a driver is busy, car accidents can happen.

The Most Common Car Accident During The Winter

Drivers in Central Oregon are generally responsible people who have bought car insurance from their Bend Oregon Insurance Agent but, like other drivers across the country, when December 25th gets closer, almost every driver in Central Oregon has a tendency to speed up instead of slowing down, especially when there is ice or snow on the road.

The most common accident on the roads of towns like Bend, Redmond or Prineville Oregon during the winter is a spin out accident. This type of car accident usually comes when a driver over-reacts when their vehicle starts to spin out and they either slam on their brakes, or, over-steer, instead of reacting properly when their vehicle starts to skid or spin out.

How To React To A Skid Or Spinout

* Don’t over-steer when a vehicle starts to spin out; a driver should gently release their foot from their brake and accelerate their vehicle to avoid letting their vehicle spin out more.

* Always steer gently when a vehicle starts to spin out; this step is important because, understering or oversteering can cause a vehicles tires to not get any drip on the road and increase the likelihood that an accident will occur.

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