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Tips for Adding a Teenager to Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Policy

By Tye Farnsworth

BEND, Ore. – Is your teenager getting ready to drive and you’re thinking about adding them to your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy? You’re not alone.

More teenagers are becoming drivers than ever before and this will drive up insurance costs for parents but there are ways that any parent can lower their insurance costs by doing the following.

Tips for Adding Your Teenager to Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Policy

Tip 1 – Spend more time with your teenager driving after they get their license

This tip is important because many parents make the mistake of thinking that the fact that their teenager has their license make them an experienced driver when this is far from the truth.

A teenager with their license is still an inexperienced driver and requires more time behind the wheel if they are to develop safe drive habits and keep your Central Oregon Car Insurance costs down.

Tip 2 – Buy a safe car for your teenager

Although every teenager has an idea of the car or vehicle that they want to drive once they get their license the reality is that most of the “ideal” vehicles that a teenager wants to drive are far from safe.

To avoid having your teenager drive an unsafe vehicle you should purchase a safe vehicle for them. Some of the safest vehicles that you should consider include the Chevrolet Sonic, Honda Fit, Kia Soul and the Mazda3.

Tip 3 – Ban Mobile Phone Use in Their Vehicle

Last of all, but most important, another important thing to do before adding your teen to your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy is to ban mobile phone use in their vehicle by making sure that your teen is aware of how to use blue tooth and hands-free options for using their phone (if they have a newer vehicle) or the easiest thing to do is ask them to turn their phone off while they are driving.

Besides these options there are also a variety of apps and plugin tools that you can purchase for your teen that will keep them from using their phones while they are driving.

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