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Tickets and Auto Insurance Rates: What’s Fact or Fiction Regarding Moving Violations

When it comes to car insurance rates and tickets there’s a lot of fact and fiction out there about what will actually happen after you get a speeding ticket or moving violation but what exactly is the truth?

How Do Moving Violations Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

“Moving violations are typically weighted with a point system. This makes an excessive speeding violation much more severe than, say, a broken taillight violation,” Nevo says. “Insurance companies often see more points against a driver’s license as an increased risk. Therefore, you’re going to see higher premiums for that driver.” 

Take, for instance, the difference between reckless and careless driving. According to Nevo, careless driving is usually defined as “a minor lapse in judgment,” such as following too closely to the vehicle in front of you.

Reckless driving, however, concerns more “intentional acts,” such as driving in a way that shows no regard for the safety of others. 

“The main difference between reckless driving and careless driving is the driver’s state of mind,” Nevo says.

“If a driver is operating a motor vehicle in a potentially dangerous manner, but without specific intent to harm — like doing donuts in an empty parking lot — it would fall under careless.”

If that same driver, Nevo says, “were operating a motor vehicle with specific intent to cause harm and with disregard to the safety of other people or property — such as donuts in the middle of a busy intersection — it would fall under reckless.”

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