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Thinking About Purchasing A Hybrid Vehicle?

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Thinking about purchasing an Oregon Hybrid Vehicle?

Ten years ago Hybrid Vehicles were still considered to be an a luxury item to drivers with Oregon Car Insurance but times have changed as Hybrid Vehicles have gotten more affordable, and with gas prices rising again in cities like Bend, Redmond and Portland, it makes more sense to consider buying a Hybrid Car more than ever before.

Lower Your Fuel Costs

The first reason to purchase a Hybrid Vehicle like a Toyota Prius is of course the obvious savings that the owner of that vehicle will enjoy at the pump, since the average annual fuel cost for a Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid or comparable Hybrid Vehicle is under $1,500 per year.

Besides the lower fuel costs, Hybrid Car owners will also enjoy lower car insurance costs as wel since many car insurance companies in Oregon and across the United States offer their customers discounts for owning a hybrid vehicle.

Many Tax Incentives

Another reason to purchase a Hybrid Car like the Toyota Prius is that owners of this Hybrid Vehicle will receive many income tax credits just for buying a Hybrid Car, and these income tax credits can literally amount to thousands of dollars per year.

Drivers who have Oregon Car Insurance, and live in cities like Portland or Salem, will be familiar with HOV lanes, and although these lanes are not always convenient for the average Oregon Driver, they are for Hybrid Vehicle owners since many states give owners of Hybrid Vehicles like the Honda Civic Hybrid free passes to drive in the HOV lanes as rewards for making the investment in Hybrid Vehicles.

Hybrid Vehicles Technology

Last of all, one of the best reasons for purchasing a Hybrid Vehicle is technology; all of the newest Hybrid Vehicles in the market today come with the best technology that makes them not only fun to drive but also convenient for the Oregon Driver who likes to stay connected and do hands free things while on the road like make calls, send texts or emails and access the internet.

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