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Thinking About Having Your Storm Damaged Vehicle Totaled? This Tip Can Save You Money

Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst hurricanes to ever strike the East Coast and many people who were affected in some way by this superstorm are now faced with the prospect of having vehicles that were so damaged by this storm that they may decide to have their vehicles totaled, if their car wrecked by Hurricane Sandy, but, it’s not always the best decision to have a vehicle totaled.

Full Coverage Pays Off

Oregon auto insurance pays off but instead of having just liability online coverage, full coverage auto insurance is even better because, if a superstorm with the strength of Hurricane Sandy were to hit a Central Oregon city like Bend or Prineville, the owner of a vehicle that was flooded or damaged by the storm, could have their vehicle repaired, if the repairs on the vehicle don’t exceed the vehicles value.

Why Not Total It?

Considering the high cost of new vehicles these days, and the reality that most vehicles on the roads of Central Oregon can continue running strong, for 10 years or longer, it makes more sense to have a vehicle repaired, if it was wrecked, than to have it totaled, because, this can keep the vehicle on the road even longer compared to totaling that vehicle.

Many times when a storm or flood damaged vehicle is fully repaired, that vehicle may have some problems down the road, but the good thing is that with full coverage, Central Oregon Car Insurance, the owner of a storm damaged vehicle can take their vehicle back to the mechanic and contact the insurer to re-open their claim, until the insurer makes sure that the vehicle is fully repaired.

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