Thanksgiving 2012 – What To Bring On Your Road Trip

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many families who live in Bend and other parts of Central Oregon are planning on hitting the roads to visit their families during the Thanksgiving Holidays; before anyone decides to hit the road for the holidays they should use our simple road trip checklist to make sure they have safe travels.

Plan It Out

Regardless if someone plans on relying on GPS or not to get them where they need to go for their Central Oregon Thanksgiving, they should always make sure to plan out their trip in advance by printing a map of their journey from the internet or purchasing maps from their local store just so they can have a backup plan in case they aren’t able to use their GPS when out on the road.

Make It Fun

Even though the natural tendency is to rush to the destination, anyone who truly wants to enjoy their road trip should give himself or herself more time to get there and take the time to enjoy some fun stops along the way or take more time to relax and take a nap at a rest stop. Having more time to rest and relax during the journey will enable the driver to stay alert while on the roads especially if they are driving during snowy or icy conditions.

Bring Snacks

What fun is a road trip without snacks? It doesn’t matter if someone is going alone or driving with their family they should pack healthy snacks that are loaded with fiber and will also give them energy like: fruits, nuts, vegetables or salads; healthy snacks are important while on the road because, buying food can get expensive and eating healthy will insure that the driver and passengers don’t compromise their diets.

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