New Technology Will Let More Vehicles “Talk” To Each Other


Back in the 1980’s the coolest car on television was KITT from Knight Rider, everyone who watched this show dreamed about having a car that would drive itself, saving the driver hours per month of having to drive to and from work and their other daily destinations.

In 2014 it’s looking like self-driving vehicles are getting closer to reality as the National Highway Safety Administration recently announced that they will be requiring new cars to have technology that will enable them to “talk” with each other and the hope is that this technology will help more drivers avoid crashes.

Taking Humans Out Of the Equation?

Will it really help reduce the amount of car accidents per year if there are fewer drivers reacting to possible car crashes on the roads across the Unites States? Agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration thinks so and they are hopeful that technology can help to reduce the amount of car accidents per year because, a drivers success with avoiding a car accident will be less dependent on their eyes or reflexes and more dependent on the performance of their vehicles that have this new technology.

Lowering Car Insurance Costs Too?

With more smart vehicles on the roads across the United States it’s expected that car insurance premiums will ultimately go down because, you will have tens of thousands of drivers on the roads broadcasting their positions, and with more vehicles using this technology the chances of a vehicle getting into a car accident will be greatly reduced.

Smart vehicles will also enable a driver to save money on their car insurance because, their insurance company will know exactly where they are driving every day.

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