Staying Safe On Halloween – It’s Easier Than You Think

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s one of the most exciting days of the year for adults and children alike since this day involves both adults and kids dressing up and having fun but it’s also a day where people of all ages loose their lives and many times those lives that were lost could have been prevented.

How Pedestrians Can Stay Safe

The first way that pedestrians can stay safe on Halloween is to always look both ways before deciding to cross a street. Safety while on the street can also be enhanced by giving pedestrians flash lights, so they can see the roads and sidewalks ahead of them, reflective tape should be used on darker outfits and no costumes should be worn that will impair the Trick-Or-Treaters vision or line of sight.

Tips For Drivers On Halloween

  1. Always follow the speed limit – This tips for those drivers who value their low car insurance premium especially since there will be more people on the road going from house to house.
  2. Always make eye contact – Before crossing at an intersection every driver should always make an effort to make eye contact with pedestrians crossing or walking along side the roads, this step is important because, it will guarantee that the pedestrian will see the driver on the road.
  3. Avoid driving from 5:00pm to 8:00pm – This three-hour period is prime time for trick-o-treaters so, if a driver doesn’t have to go anywhere, they should consider staying home to avoid accidents and the busy activity of Halloween.

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