Speeding Ticket

What Does A Speeding Ticket Do To Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium?


By Tye Farnsworth

BEND, Ore. – So many people have said that you have a “led foot”, and have warned you about speeding on Highway 97, because you’re going to get a speeding ticket sooner rather than later. The big question is if you continue speeding how much will that one ticket raise your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium?

In this article we will provide you with exact information regarding how one speeding ticket can affect your car insurance premium and what the long term cost will be for you in the years to come.

Central Oregon Car Insurance Increase

When you get a speeding ticket you can expect your Central Oregon Car Insurance to increase by at least 21 percent and this could mean that you will be paying an extra $500 or more per year for automobile insurance depending on if you already have other speeding tickets, accidents or convictions on your record.

How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record?

Sadly, a speeding ticket can stay on your record for up to 5 years and this means that you could potentially pay $5,000 or more for insurance during that span even if you just have one speeding ticket.

Driving the Speed Limit Does Pay

One thing to remember is that regardless if you’re driving through Bend, Sunriver, Redmond or Prineville, driving the speed limit does pay and you will save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium simply by slowing down.

Some of the best ways for you to drive slower include:

  • Leaving earlier for work or appointments.
  • Using cruise control, especially if you’re driving between Bend and Redmond.
  • Watch for the posted speed limit and slow down when you come to 45 mile per hour zones

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