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Snowbirds – Do You Need Florida Auto Insurance?

Every year many Central Oregonians will “fly the coop” and leave Bend, Prineville or Madras for other, warmer, destinations in the United States including Florida but what many people who live in this area and have Oregon car insurance don’t know is that if they plan on residing in Florida for three months a year or longer, they have to make sure that their vehicle meets all of Florida’s requirements.

Florida Insurance Requirements

If a “snow bird” plans on spending more than 90 days per year in Florida, regardless if those days are consecutive or not, they must make sure their vehicle is registered to drive in Florida and it also must meet Florida’s minimum requirements for car insurance like: $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 worth of property damage protection; car insurance must also be purchased through an insurance agent who is licensed in the State of Florida as well.

Don’t Play With Fire, Get Insured

Anyone who lives in Bend or other towns in the area like Sisters knows that it’s only a matter of time before a highway patrol officer will pull them over and, if they are caught driving uninsured, the penalties will be severe, the same rule also applies to Florida but the penalties are stiffer there, that’s why it’s always important to have Florida car insurance and follow the rules for that state while staying on an extended vacation there.

Can You Drive Affordably In Florida?

If you own your own vehicle the answer is yes, you can save money when driving in Florida if you opt to surrender your license plate and vehicle registration upon leaving the state; this strategy means that you will have to re-register your vehicle every year but this move could save the average snow bird hundreds of dollars per year.

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