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Simple Ways To Save Money On Oregon Car Insurance

central oregon car insurance

Thanks to recent tax increases more Oregon families are doing everything possible to save money at home including eliminating their car insurance but the reality is that every family can keep their car insurance active just by following these simple steps:

Choose A Higher Deductible

Yes you should always choose a higher deductible because; a higher deductible will lower the monthly payment and make the overall cost of Central Oregon Car Insurance more affordable.

Any Oregon driver who wants to choose a higher deductible should make sure that they have between $500 to $1,000 saved up at all times because, failure to pay the high deductible will mean that the vehicle will not be repaired until the deductible is paid.

Get Rid Of Towing

If you haven’t used the towing portion of your Oregon Car Insurance Policy in over one year you should consider removing it from your premium because, towing will cost up to $30 per year and towing is typically thanks to the collision portion of a car insurance policy.

Eliminate Car Rental

It’s a convenient option to have car rental as part of a car insurance policy but the reality is that this portion of car insurance coverage can cost the average Oregon driver up to $40 a year when renting a car from a company like Hertz will cost up to $40 per day anyway.

Bundle Your Insurance Together

Bundling your car insurance does make sense, you can easily save $30 or more per month by having all of your car insurance policy’s with the same company and you can also enjoy peace of mind in knowing that all of your policy’s are in one place instead of wondering where your money is going or which policy is coming up for expiration.

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