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Simple Ways To Save Money On Oregon Car Insurance

central oregon car insurance
Want more affordable Oregon Car Insurance? Don’t miss using this simple tip.

Planning on getting new Bend Oregon Car Insurance or shopping for a new Car Insurance Policy in Portland Oregon? You’re not alone; since we are still at the beginning of a new year thousands of Oregon residents will be shopping for a new Car Insurance policy to get better Car Insurance rates and the average Oregon Driver can save money on Car Insurance by following these simple tips.

When To Shop For A New Policy

Oregon Drivers who last shopped for a new Car Insurance policy three months ago should wait at least six months before shopping around for Car Insurance Quotes because, any time an Oregon Resident waits at least six months between shopping for quotes, a Car Insurance Company computer will think that they are a new customer, not a returning customer and offer them the very best Car Insurance rates.

This technique can save Oregon drivers up to $50 per year but it’s recommended that Oregon Residents use this strategy every six months because, using it less than every six months will not work.

More Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

Saving money on Oregon Car Insurance is actually a lot easier than the average Oregon Resident thinks; some of the other ways to save money on car insurance are:

  • Bundling insurance policies with the same company.
  • Staying accident free.
  • Taking a safe driving course.
  • Moving to a safer neighborhood.

Ask For Car Insurance Discounts

Last of all, another great way to save money on Car Insurance is by asking for Car Insurance Discounts especially if the Oregon Driver is a good student or a driver who hasn’t been in an accident in more than five years.

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