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Simple Ways For Older Drivers To Save Money On Car Insurance

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Almost everyone over the age of 55, who drives, has Central Oregon Car Insurance, and remembers their high school days when they took Drivers ED, since all teenagers have to complete Drivers ED before they can obtain their learners permits.

In 2013 many drivers over the age of 55 are being penalized for their age, regardless if they have ever filed a Central Oregon Car Insurance claim or not. Companies like AAA know this and are now holding Driver Improvement Programs across the country to help senior drivers “brush up” on their driving skills and lower their car insurance costs.

Driver Improvement Program In Central Oregon

To find out where the next AAA Driver Improvement program is being held in Central Oregon you should contact AAA today or contact your local DMV office in Central Oregon. This program can save the average driver over the age of 55 money every month off their car insurance premium because it will help their insurance company to see that they are a safe driver whose driving skills haven’t diminished as they’ve grown older.

More Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Drivers over the age of 55 can save more money on their Central Oregon Car Insurance by: driving fewer miles per year, investing in a car alarm to protect their vehicles, parking in doors or in a covered parking structure at night and bundling their car insurance premium with their other insurance policies like: life insurance, homeowners insurance, RV insurance and renters insurance.

The average driver over the age of 55 can save hundreds of dollars per year in car insurance costs and make their lives a lot easier.

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