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Simple Tire Maintenance Tips For Bend Oregon Drivers

One thing that every driver who has Bend Oregon car insurance has in common is that their vehicle has a set of four tires but what the average doesn’t do is develop a tire maintenance routine to keep those tires in shape and get the most life out of them.

It’s All About Tire Rotation

The first step to keeping tires in great shape is to rotate them every six months or 6,000 miles; this step is essential because, if tires are not rotated with regularity, the front tires will wear faster than the back tires will and the owner of the vehicle will be faced with buying two new tires at least once per year.

For those Bend Oregon drivers who have a difficult time remembering to rotate and balance their tires, the easy solution is to get their tires rotated and balanced every time they get their vehicles oil changed, this simple step will enable them to get the most value out of their tires and keep the driver safe on the roads of Central Oregon all year long.

Tire Alignment

If a driver in Bend Oregon notices that their vehicle is no longer handling normally or it tends to pull one way when driving straight, they should take their vehicle to a mechanic that specializes in alignments immediately because, this is a sign that the vehicle needs an alignment job and by not getting an alignment, the driver can only expect to have their tires wear unevenly and this will ultimately lead to the need for tire replacement sooner, rather than later.

Tire Cleaners

We all love to keep our tires looking new right? Although tire cleaners are popular they can often lead to accidents if the tire clean contains petroleum, which can cause the tires to become slick and inhibit the drivers ability to stop quickly. Any driver can still use commercially available tire cleaners, they should just make sure that they first read the label of the tire cleaner, before they purchase it.

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