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Simple Tips For Saving Teenage Drivers Money On Oregon Car Insurance

teen driver

Oregon car insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance that any family can have, especially if that family has a teenage driver, but, sadly, most parents pay a very high premium for their teenage drivers and this can easily put a strain on a family’s finances.

In this post we will cover the top three things that a family can do to lower their Oregon car insurance premium for their teen to save money and keep their Oregon Teenage Driver safely on the road.

Choose a Safe Vehicle

Step one to lowering Oregon Car Insurance premiums for a teenage driver is to buy a safe vehicle for that driver.

Finding a safe vehicle isn’t always easy because, one person’s classification of “safe Oregon vehicle” might not be the same as another parents; to insure that the safest vehicle possible is picked for the teen driver a parent should call their Oregon insurance agent today for help with choosing the safest vehicle for their teen.

Safe Driving Courses

The next step for lowering Oregon Car Insurance premiums for an Oregon teen driver is to make sure that the teen completes a safe driving course or their state required DMV drivers training courses.

Drivers training is important because, it teaches the teen safe driving habits and insures that they will follow all of the rules of the road.

Teenage drivers should also focus on getting good grades in school, joining after school programs to show responsibility and maintaining good grade point averages.

Bundling Premiums

After following the basic tips in this article parents can save hundreds of dollars per year on their car insurance premiums simply by bundling their car insurance policies with their other car insurance policies like: life, homeowners and so much more.

To learn more tips that will save a family money off the Oregon car insurance premium for their teenage driver, call the Farnsworth Agency today at (541) 318-8835 for free insurance information and a free quote for any insurance policy that you might need.

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