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Simple Tips for Saving Seniors Money on Central Oregon Car Insurance

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One sad thing about growing older is that seniors, over the age of 65, are often penalized because of their age and what’s interesting about this is that they share the hassle of having to pay higher car insurance premiums like their people who are in their early 20’s.

Even though higher insurance premiums for senior citizens are common, it’s not something that they have to live with if they follow these simple tips.

Search for New Quotes

Thanks to car insurance agents, any senior can find affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance just by calling their agent, an insurance broker or by going online to search for car insurance themselves.

Every senior citizen shouldn’t be afraid to leave their long time insurance agency because, saving money every month, especially on car insurance, is more important that overpaying an insurance agency, for their car insurance premium, due to loyalty to that company.

Sign Up For a Defensive Driving Class

Another great way for seniors to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance is for them to enroll in a defensive driving class. This step is often overlooked by seniors but it’s affective because, it will show any insurance company that the senior citizen can be trusted behind the wheel to drive as safely as their younger counter parts.

Opt For a Lower Deductible

Most seniors will by default have full coverage Central Oregon Car Insurance, even if they have an older vehicle. The senior who wants to save money on car insurance should not hesitate to choose a lower deductible, especially if they don’t drive very often because, a low deductible means that the senior citizen will pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less per year on their car insurance premiums.

To learn more great tips on how seniors can save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance or to get an affordable car insurance quote, contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling us at (541) 318-8835.

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