Blown Tire

Simple tips for responding to a tire blow out

On yesterdays post we covered the basics of tire care and tire maintenance because, every driver who is interested in the best premiums for Bend Oregon Car Insurance knows that without good tires, they won’t be driving the roads of Central Oregon for very long. In today’s post were going to continue with the tire maintenance theme and talk about what a Bend Oregon driver should do when they experience a tire blowout on the roads of Central Oregon.

How To React To A Tire Blowout

The goal when you first realize that you’ve had a quick loss of one of tire pressure in one of your tires or a “blowout”, as it’s commonly known, is to not panic; this includes not slamming on your brakes or accidently stepping on your accelerator because, either of these things can result in you losing control of your vehicle and getting into an auto accident.

The best thing to do when you experience a tire blowout is to release your vehicles accelerator or gas pedal, gradually, then get your vehicle stabilized, turn on your emergency flasher lights and steer safely to the side of the road.

Front Tire Blowout Vs. Rear Tire Blowout

It doesn’t matter if you have a tire blow out in the front or rear, you should always react calmly during every blowout; the only difference between a blowout in the front or rear of your vehicle is that with a front blowout you will feel the results of the blowout in how your vehicle steers while with a rear tire blowout you will feel the results in your vehicles body or how it handles.

Never drive a vehicle for longer than you have to after you’ve had a vehicle blowout, you should always move off to the side of the road immediately because, driving on a blown tire can damage your wheel and endanger other drivers on the road; once you’ve reached a safe point in the road, your Bend Oregon Car Insurance should have a roadside assistance option that will enable you to get a no cost tow to a local mechanic or they will come out and fix your flat tire for you.

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