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Simple Tips For Preparing Your Classic Car For A Central Oregon Winter

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Many residents of towns like it and, Sunriver, Redmond, Prineville and sisters have central Oregon car insurance and they also are classic car owners.

If you are a classic car owner, you know that with winter coming it’s important to get your vehicle prepared for cold weather because, thanks to the drop in temperature, winter weather can do serious damage to a collector car.

In today’s post, were going to cover the top tips that you need to follow to protect your class car from the winter weather so that once we do start having snow, your classic car will be prepared and you will be able to enjoy it during the spring and summer months of next year.

Vehicle Fluids

The first step to preparing a classic car for the winter months is to drain the fuel tank because, you never want to leave the tank full of fuel especially if it’s going to be stored in a cold winter climate.

After draining the fuel take you should also change the oil to your vehicle as well as drain and bleed other fluid from your vehicle.


Once all the fluids are taken care of, if the vehicle has a clutch you should lock the clutch to prevent the clutch plates from sticking together.

Watch Out For Vermin

In central Oregon, drivers who have central Oregon car insurance know that it’s not out of the ordinary for a vehicle to have problems with vermin, especially if the car or truck has been left with food crumbs or other food particles that could attract vermin in the area.

When preparing a classic car or truck for the winter months, the vehicles seats should be completely vacuumed out to ensure that all crumbs or food debris are removed and, critter repellent or rodent repellent should be placed underneath the seats to make sure that should any rodents or vermin crawl into the vehicle during the winter months, they won’t want to sty there.

Besides looking out for and ensuring that rodents or vermin do not take up residence in your classic vehicle, you should also consider plugging up the tailpipe to your vehicle as well to ensure that no rodents or vermin crawl into your tailpipe during the winter months

For more great tips on how to store your classic vehicle for the winter months in central Oregon, or to get an affordable central Oregon car insurance quote, contact the Farnsworth agency today by calling us at 541318835 or click here to start your online quote.

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