Simple Tips for Getting Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

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With the weather warming up across Central Oregon more people are choosing to ride their motorcycles to work but the sad thing is that some motorcycle owners forgot to winterize their bikes and they are only finding out now what effect a cold winter can have on a motorcycles engine.

In today’s post were going to cover the top tips that you need to know to get your motorcycle ready so you can enjoy it during the warmer months to come.

Drain Your Fuel Tank

Step one to bringing a motorcycle back to life after a cold winter is to drain the fuel tank.

When you drain your tank you might spot some brown grit that flushes out with old fuel; in this situation you should next flush your tank again with acid remover to insure that the inside of your bikes fuel tank will be clean and ready for new fuel.

Remove the Battery

Cold weather can take the life of any motorcycle battery, especially if it’s been left outside during the winter months so instead of trying to bring an old batter back to life you should replace it with a brand new one.

Start Your Bike

Once you’ve cleaned your motorcycles fuel tank and change its battery the next step is for you to start your bikes engine and let it idle for a few minutes.

This step will enable you to spot any additional problems that might have to be resolved and also give you the opportunity to inspect your motorcycles chain, sprockets and other moving parts to make sure that everything is functioning normally.

Work On the Front Brake

Last of all, but most important is the ability for you to stop when you’re riding your motorcycle.

You should adjust your motorcycles front brake to make sure that it’s functioning normally plus you should also check your hand brake and brake pads to make sure that your brakes are in proper working order.

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