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Simple tips for teaching your Central Oregon child to drive

Are you planning on teaching your child how to drive? You’re not alone! Every year many parents across Central Oregon teach their children how to drive.

The key to success with teaching a children how to drive is following these simple tips:

Be A Driving Role Model

Your teenager will learn to drive starting now by modeling your behavior behind the wheel. For example: if they see you speeding down Highway 79 in Central Oregon, they will be inclined to do the same because, they will think it’s okay for them to speed if you’re not afraid to go over the speed limit.

The best way that you can start instilling a good driving behavior into your child is for you to pick up a copy of the DMV handbook then start actively following the correct rules of the road right now because, if you wait until your teen is ready to start driving, you won’t be ready to instruct them accurately and be a good behind the wheel or encourage them in other areas like the importance of having Central Oregon Car Insurance.

Always React Calmly

When you’re driving on the roads of Central Oregon do you get easily upset when a tractor-trailer cuts you off or you miss your turn lane? Do you get stressed out easily at home? If you over-react when behind the wheel or at home, you won’t be able to effectively teach your child to drive because, they will be less inclined to ask questions and obtain the proper training that they need to be ready for when the “big day” comes for them to be out on the roads with a DMV instructor for real.

Have A Driving Dialogue With Your Child

Every time you’re driving when your child is in the vehicle with you, don’t hesitate to have a driving dialogue with them and make sure that they are continuously aware of what you’re doing and why you make the decisions that you do behind the wheel; for example: speeding up to merge with traffic or slowing down to stop. If you have a dialogue with your child now, they will be able to more easily comprehend the rules of the road when they do get behind the wheel for real.

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