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Siberia Meteor Disaster – Do You Have Enough Insurance In Case Of Disasters?

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This week a catastrophic event happened in Siberia that many people have been fearing for years, a meteor struck the town of Chelyabinsk and it left a wave of destruction in it’s path including 1,200 plus injuries.

Part of the shockwave of this event is that it’s gotten people from around the world thinking about worse case scenarios and especially if they have the right amount of insurance to protect themselves during a disaster.

Car Insurance

Although full coverage Oregon Car Insurance is recommended for Oregon Drivers it’s not always necessary especially if an Oregonian has a vehicle that’s 10 years old or older but for newer vehicles it’s essential because, for disasters like floods, earthquakes or meteor strikes your vehicle will be fully covered.

Life Insurance

It’s important to have like insurance that will cover your family and children, for years after your untimely death; how much life insurance should you have? You should have a policy that’s worth at least $250,000 or more depending on your amount of assets and financial requirements.

Homeowners Insurance

Every homeowner should have a homeowner’s insurance policy with at least $500,000 worth of coverage or more depending on the age of the home, improvements and assets in the home.

Boat Or ATV Insurance

Do you have plenty of toys in your life like ATV’s, boats or classic cars? You should have insurance for each of those toys to insure that they are insured just in case of a disaster.

At the Farnsworth Agency we’re insurance experts and have all the insurance policies that you need to cover your boat, car, life, home or favorite toys.

For more information about essential insurance coverage that you need like Oregon Car Insurance, contact Oregon Insurance Agent Tye Farnsworth, owner of the Farnsworth Agency, today by calling (541) 318-8835.

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