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How Seniors Can Keep Their Central Oregon Car Insurance Premiums Low


Seniors over the Age of 75 Can Still Keep Their Driving Independence by Following These Simple Tips

By Tye Farnsworth

If you ask any senior citizen who has Central Oregon Car Insurance they will tell you that one fear that they have is losing their driving ability.

It’s understandable that most seniors would want to keep their ability to drive for as long as possible because, driving equals independence but the question is how can a typical senior citizen who lives in a city like Bend, Redmond or Prineville continue driving as they grow older?

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Thanks to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) most seniors these days have the option of taking a defensive driving course.

Seniors who take defensive driving courses to sharpen their driving skills can enjoy a Central Oregon Car Insurance discount of up to 15%.

 When Is The Best Time Of Day To Drive?

As most seniors grow older the reality is that each person’s body will age differently than others and one of the most common parts of our bodies that ages quickly is our eyes.

Grown children should not hesitate to speak with their parents about limiting the times of the day that they drive so that a senior will know not to drive during certain times of day or night if they are struggling with their eyesight.

Limiting the time that a senior drives during the week can ultimately increase their ability to stay behind the wheel because, spending fewer hours driving will put less stress on their body or eyes and enable them to be sharper the next time they have to drive.

Encourage Exercise

Last of all the most important, a family member wants they senior in their life to continue paying affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums as they grow older should not hesitate to encourage them to continue exercising.

Exercise offers huge benefits to any person who’s willing to continue working hard especially as they reach the age of 75 or older because, it can help a body to stay flexible, limber and increase a senior’s reaction time when they are behind the wheel.



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