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Saving Money On Car Insurance Was Still Important Issue For Consumers In 2012

If you ask any Central Oregon business they will tell you that price is the most important thing that keeps customers coming back to their businesses, or it can be the main thing that causes a customer to choose one business or the other.

The importance of price also applies to Central Oregon car insurance; a report was released this week by which showed that over 80 percent of American consumers, who chose to change car insurance companies in the last year, did so because the price they wanted to save money on car insurance, instead of changing car insurance companies because of lack of customer service or support.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Is Still Important

Besides switching car insurance companies because of price, consumers who have a Bend Oregon insurance agent can also save money on their car insurance by doing the following:

  • Park indoors at night – If you don’t have a garage to park in at night you should park in a covered parking structure.
  • Pay on time every month – Yes, paying your car insurance on time every month will help to keep your car insurance low because, on time payments help to establish a stable payment history and reputation with your current and future car insurance company.
  • Use a vehicle protection system.
  • Bundle all insurance policies with one company.

Car Insurance In 2013 And Beyond

As we move farther into the 21st Century, car insurance will still continue to be something that all drivers in Central Oregon towns like Bend, Prineville, Redmond and Madras will need to have because, one car accident can lead to life altering debts like medical bills and even bankruptcy.

To avoid driving with car insurance in 2013, contact Bend Oregon insurance agent Tye Farnsworth by calling (541) 318-8835 or clicking here for a free, online, quote.

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