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How To Save Money On Oregon Car Insurance & Homeowners Insurance

Tye Farnsworth Allstate Insurance Agency

One common theme that many Oregon Residents have noticed this year is that costs are going up for almost everything including Oregon Car Insurance and Homeowners Insurance.

Thankfully there are several key things that any Oregonian, who is interested in learning more about How To Save Money On Oregon Car Insurance & Homeowners Insurance including the following:

Simple Steps To Lower Oregon Car Insurance Payments

The first thing that any Oregon Resident can do to lower their Oregon Car Insurance Payment is to choose a higher deductible.

Even though this step can prove to be costlier at the time of an accident it can save hundreds of dollars per year for safe drivers.

Other things any Oregonian can do to save money on Oregon Car Insurance are:

  • Park in a safe, well-lit area at all times.
  • Purchase an alarm system for their vehicle.
  • Take a defensive driving course.
  • Ask for a bundle discount, if multiple insurance policies are with the same company.

Easy Ways To Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs

Oregon Homeowners Insurance is a “necessary evil” for any Oregon Resident who owns a home in this state but there are a few key things that an Oregon Resident can do to lower their homeowners insurance costs including: purchase an alarm system for the home, adding smoke alarms throughout the home, installing double pane windows and of course increasing the homeowners insurance deductible.

Besides the most common ways to lower homeowner’s insurance costs, some of the other effective ways to lower the cost of the average, monthly, Oregon Homeowners Insurance payment are 

  • Maintaining a good credit history.
  • Paying all bills on time.
  • Making minor repairs to a home before they amount to major repairs.

To learn more great tips on how to save money on home or Oregon Car Insurance contact the Farnsworth Agency today for a free insurance quote by calling us at (541) 318-8835. 

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