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Three Simple Ways To Save Money On Oregon Car Insurance

Farnsworth Agency Bend Oregon
If you live in Oregon,and are interested in saving money on car insurance, you can have hope that there are more ways to save money on car insurance than ever before,because besides being an affordable state to live in, there are a variety of things that the average Oregonian can do to save money on car insurance and lower their monthly Oregon Auto Insurance bill.
Step 1 – Bundle Insurance Premiums
In today’s world we all bundle our phone, internet and cell phone bills so why not bundle our insurance premiums as well? Bundling insurance premiums can save hundreds of dollars per year (depending on insurance company) and make it easier for anyone to find their insurance policies when they really need them.
Step 2 – Drive Less Per Year
Driving fewer miles per year might not be the answer that someone wants to hear especially if they depend on their vehicle for transportation but in areas with good public transportation systems, especially in cities like Portland, Eugene or Bend, it makes sense to drive less because, this is an easier way for anyone to lower their car insurance premium and also lower their vehicle maintenance costs as well.
Step 3 – Move To A Safer Neighborhood
If a move is potentially in an Oregon residents future, they can save money on their Oregon car insurance policy simply by moving to a safer neighborhood, especially a home that has a parking structure or garage because, safety is a car insurance agencies primary concern and if an area is not considered to be “high crime” the insurance company will most likely charge the Oregon driver less money per year to insurance their vehicle.
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