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Can You Save Money On Central Oregon Car Insurance By Using Studded Tires?

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By Tye Farnsworth

Can you save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance if you use studded tires?

Studded tires can keep you safe during the winter months and help you to avoid getting into a car accident, so yes they can also help you to keep your car insurance premiums low because you will be staying accident free.

When Are Studded Tires Allowed?

As of November 1st 2014 studded tires are allowed on Oregon roads and drivers who want to stay safe, especially those who have Central Oregon Car Insurance, can use them through March 31st of next year.

Although studded tires are allowed now, Oregon’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) has said that they would prefer Oregon residents to use chains or all weather tires because of the prolonged damage that studded tires can inflict on roads.

Studded tires do a lot of damage to roads across the state every year and ODOT spends over $10 million per year fixing road damage

More Ways to Save Money on Central Oregon Car Insurance

Besides using studded tires during the winter months you can also save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance payments by doing the following:

  • Bundle your insurance premiums with the same company
  • Drive fewer miles per year
  • Ask for discounts including: good student and safe driver
  • Park in a well-lit area at night or a parking garage/lot
  • Increase your deductible
  • Pay annually for car insurance instead of monthly
  • Secure your vehicle by purchasing a car alarm or vehicle protection device
  • Update your insurer when you change jobs, get married or go through a life changing event

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