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Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium in 2014

ford f150
Did you know that the Ford F150 is one of the new favorite targets of car thieves?

How can you maintain a low Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium in 2014? If you’re like most people in this part of Oregon, paying a low car insurance premium is a priority because, you can’t afford to pay more money for car insurance, and risk jeopardizing your monthly budget.

Saving Money on Car Insurance Is Simple

You can easily save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance in 2014 by doing the following:

  • Shop Around – This might seem like the easiest thing to do but if you shop around for the lowest Car Insurance Premium you will be able to find a policy that will save you $10 or more per month, especially if you stayed accident and claim free in 2013.
  • Increase Your Deductible – If you stayed out of car accidents and didn’t have tickets in 2013 you should consider raising your Central Oregon Car Insurance deductible because, a higher deductible means that you will pay a lower monthly premium for car insurance.
  • Choose a vehicle that doesn’t say “steal me” – Did you know that these days one of the most common vehicles that thieves are looking for is the Ford F-250? That’s right. If you plan on buying a new or used vehicle in 2014 make sure that you purchase a vehicle that’s not a target for thieves by doing a little online research first, before you spend your hard earned money on a vehicle that will be a target for thieves.

You Deserve Car Insurance Discounts

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance is to ask for discounts? Yes it’s true. You can save money on your car insurance premium simply by asking for a safe driver discount or discounts if you are married or are a good student.

For more ways you can save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance, or to get an affordable car insurance quote, contact the Farnsworth Agency today by clicking here or calling us at (541) 318-8835.

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