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How to Save Money on Car Insurance This Summer

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Saving Money on Car Insurance Is Easier Than You Think By Following These Simple Tips

By Tye Farnsworth

Summer time is officially here in Central Oregon and with the start of summer comes an increase in monthly expenses including electricity since many people will be spending more money to keep their homes cool and with an increase in expenses the average person will be looking for tips on save money including how they can save money on their car insurance.

In today’s post we will cover simple money saving tips that you can use to save money on car insurance and apply that savings immediately to your family.

Change Your Job

In a recent report on it was revealed that the profession that someone lists when they sign up for car insurance does affect what they pay for their car insurance premium.

Why do car insurance companies sometimes charge people more or less money based on their profession? They calculate that a driver who has a master’s degree will be a safer driver than a driver who has some college or just a high school education.

Buy Car Insurance in December

Although we are in the month of June already it might be worth your time to wait to buy car insurance until the month of December because, thanks to we know that drivers can many times pay as much as 50% less for car insurance if they purchase a policy in the month of December compared to the rest of the year.

Bundle Your Policies Together

Besides being a handy way to insure that all of your insurance policies are in one place, bundling your insurance policies together will save you money each month because, many insurance companies offer special bundle rates.

Try Usage Based Car Insurance

Last of all, but most important, you can save money on car insurance by trying usage based car insurance where you will be charged for the miles that you actually drive.

Just about every car insurance company offers usage based car insurance and this type of policy can save you hundreds of dollars per year especially if you don’t use your vehicle regularly for commuting.

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