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RV Insurance – Do You Need It For Your Recreational Vehicle?

With the economy improving, more families are planning on buying a Central Oregon RV’s, motor homes or recreational vehicles but few people know the specifics when it comes to RV insurance. Is RV insurance needed? How much RV insurance? Where to buy RV insurance? These are all questions that are asked buy a new RV owner; that’s why we’ve compiled all of the most common answers to those questions in this post.

Do I need Insurance?

Many RV owners think that just because they don’t use their RV frequently it doesn’t have to be insured but the reality is yes; just like car insurance, RV insurance will need to be purchased so that the RV is compliant and legal on the roads of the state where it’s driven. At the very least, the owner of the RV or recreational vehicle should purchase liability insurance for their recreational vehicle.

What Type Of Insurance Do I need?

For every type of RV, insurance will need to be purchased, especially if the RV is rented or financed, full coverage insurance will need to be purchased so the driver of the RV can cover themselves financially in case they get into an accident.

Besides getting just basic RV coverage, an RV owner can get a wide variety bonus coverage options to add to their RV insurance policy including:

  • Total loss replacement coverage – This form of RV insurance protection will protect the owner of the RV if their recreational vehicle gets into an accident and is totaled within up to the first four years or less of ownership.
  • Reimbursement for all personal losses – This coverage will pay the owner of the RV up to $5,000 for the loss of their personal effects.
  • Windshield deductible – Windshields can get expensive but thanks to a windshield deductible, any owner of an RV who experiences damages to their windshield can get it repaired for free or if it needs to be replaced, they will be charged $50.

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