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Road Trip 2013 – Vehicle Maintenance Tips To Follow Before Hitting The Road

Enjoy your road trip in 2013 even more with reliable Allstate Auto Insurance

With the final weeks of 2012 approaching, many residents of Bend or other towns in Central Oregon like Prineville, Madras or Sisters are planning road trips for 2013. Before hitting the road in 2013 there are important things that every driver in this area, who has Central Oregon Car Insurance should do to make sure their vehicle is prepared for a road trip.

Vehicle Maintenance

Besides having their oil changed every 3,000 miles, anyone who owns a vehicle in this area and wants to take a road trip should follow other routine vehicle maintenance by doing things like: changing their vehicles air filter at least once every three months, getting a tune-up and changing their transmission fluid one a year.

Don’t Forget About The Tires

A vehicles tires are usually what the average person thinks about last during the year when tire maintenance should always be as important as regular oil changes.

Every driver in Central Oregon, who has Bend Oregon car insurance, should make a habit to get their tires rotated and balanced at least every 3,000 miles; to remember to do this easily the simple thing is to get tires rotated and balanced whenever an oil change is done that way tire maintenance will not be an after thought.

Windshield Maintenance

One common reason for car accidents is a windshield that made it difficult for a driver to clearly see the road ahead of them. To avoid windshield obstructions, every driver in Bend or other towns around Central Oregon, should regularly clean their windshield inside and out with either a commercially available windshield cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar.

If a rock or piece of debris strikes a vehicles windshield, the owner of that vehicle should contact their Bend Oregon Car Insurance agent immediately and set an appointment to have their windshield repaired because, a crack on a windshield can expand quickly and make it impossible for the windshield to be repaired.

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