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Renting In Insurance in Central Oregon? Do You Have Renters Insurance?

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Everyone who drives on the roads of Central Oregon knows that Central Oregon Car Insurance is important and even vital especially if they want to drive legally on the roads of towns like Redmond, Prineville, Bend and Sunriver but for those people who are renting in Central Oregon they place a lesser importance on renters insurance than they do on car insurance and that’s a mistake.

Why Renters Insurance Is Important

Renters insurance is as affordable as Central Oregon Car Insurance and the average cost ranges from $10 to $20 per month, depending on the insurance company, but regardless of the cost, renters insurance is important for the following reasons:

  • It protects all of your valuables if they are stolen or damaged.
  • You will be protected if someone falls or injures themselves in your home.
  • Your personal belongings will be protected if your home suffers water damage.

You Need Liability Protection

As mentioned, renters insurance will also specifically protect you if someone is injured or falls while they are in your home; this form of insurance protection is well worth spending an extra $20 per month because, the average award after a lawsuit can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

What Exactly Does Renters Insurance Protect?

Your renters insurance will protect you if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged, especially if items like your furniture, clothing, television, computer, iPod, jewelry and other musical equipment are stolen or damaged.

Yes, your renters insurance will provide you with adequate insurance protection, just like your Central Oregon Car Insurance and you will be specifically protected if your personal belongings are damaged due to fire, lightening, windstorm, smoke, vandalism or possible malicious mischief.

Get a Free Renters Insurance Quote

You’ve done the right thing by having Central Oregon Car Insurance but what about renters insurance? If you don’t currently have renters insurance and are renting a home, apartment or condo in a Central Oregon town like Bend or Redmond, contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling us at (541) 318-8835 or click here to start your quote online.

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