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Renting a Central Oregon Home? Do You Have Renters Insurance?

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Got renters insurance?

Sadly, most Central Oregon residents who have Central Oregon Car Insurance do not have renters insurance of any kind and they are walking a “tight rope” that could snap at any time, leading them to financial disaster.

If you don’t have renters insurance yet, but have been thinking about purchasing a policy, here are the top reasons why you should consider renters insurance if you are currently renting a home, condo or apartment in Central Oregon.

Protecting Your “Stuff”

The first obvious benefit of Renters Insurance, as with Central Oregon Car Insurance, is that your personal items or “stuff” will be protected in cases of theft or damage from natural disasters.

Most renters’ insurance policies only cost about $10 to $15 dollars per month but they also provide coverage from $5,000 to $20,000 so there’s nothing better than having the peace of mind in knowing that your personal items are protected should they be stolen or damaged during a storm, fire or natural disaster.

If Someone Gets Injured

Let’s say that someone gets injured while they are visiting you in the home, condo or apartment that you’re renting; thanks to Renters Insurance you will be protected financially thanks to the liability insurance side of renters insurance and you won’t have to be concerned about facing any lawsuit from the accident or injury that occurs in your home.

More Protection from Damages

One thing that nobody wants to think about is being at fault for damages that they caused like accidents involving animals and more if you were driving down your street and swerved at the last minute to avoid hitting a deer but ultimately hit your neighbor’s vehicle instead.

To avoid the financial complications that come from accidents like that your renter’s insurance policy will be a good backup form of insurance that you can rely on and make sure that you are ultimately covered financially.

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