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Renting A Car When Driving Overseas – Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you plan on traveling abroad this winter? If you’re like many people who live in Central Oregon, the answer will be yes, and you will be traveling to Canada, Mexico or some destination overseas. During your travels abroad, if you plan on renting a car, to enjoy the privilege of driving, while away from home, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of insurance protection when driving in a new country.

What To Do Before Your Trip

Before you arrive in your overseas vacation destination, the first thing to do is contact your credit card company and find out what type of insurance coverage they offer for their customers who will be renting a car in a foreign country.

Specific Questions To Ask:

  • Do you cover all rental vehicles? Are there restrictions on what vehicle I can rent?
  • What is the length of time that I will be covered with my rental?
  • Will I have insurance protection if items in my rental are stolen?
  • Are there any extra charges that I will be paying for this coverage?

Stick With The Companies That You Know

When renting a car overseas it’s always best to stick with renting vehicles from the companies that you know like Hertz or Avis and avoid renting a vehicle from a smaller, less reputable car rental company because, a larger company, with a more well-known name will go the extra mile with providing you the best service for your investment in their rental vehicle.

Always Buy More Insurance Coverage

Before taking the keys to your new rental vehicle, make sure that you opt for extra rental insurance because, driving in a foreign land may be fun and exciting but an accident can happen easily when driving abroad and it’s best to always have the most insurance coverage possible to make sure that should you get into an accident, your best interested will be protected.

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