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Three Things That Can Raise Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium

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When buying Central Oregon Car Insurance one thing that the average Oregon Driver does not want to think about is that there are a variety of factors that car insurance companies use to determine the premium that a driver will pay.

In this post we’re going to break down the top three things you need to be aware of for the next time that you decide to get Oregon Car insurance or insure your vehicle insured elsewhere in the United States.

Credit Score

The first thing that insurers look at when driers apply for Central Oregon Car Insurance is their credit history.

Drivers who have credit scores below 620 are more likely to pay a higher car insurance premium than a driver who has a higher credit score.

Although this might be a shocking reality to some Oregon Drivers it’s another reason for someone to watch their credit score and make sure that there are no false or negative items on their credit reports that could be keeping their credit score low.

 Previous Claims

If a driver was in a prior car accident or their household has a history of claims, these are more reasons for Insurers to increase a drivers Central Oregon Car Insurance premium because, thanks to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) it’s possible for insurance companies to see someone’s history of claims for at least the last seven years.

Your Vehicle Type

For those drivers who love their fast cars, they can expect to pay more for Oregon Car Insurance to drive those vehicles because of the history that comes with those vehicles compared to safer, more family friendly vehicles that are less costly to insure.

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